Color Palette Experiments

Well, I have been off the air for a week.  Have you missed me?  Unfortunately there was a death in my family which took me out-of-town for a few days.  I returned for the long weekend but was unable to get myself immediately back into the swing of things.  However, while not posting, I did play with some postcards upon my return.  I placed a number of different acrylic colors on my palette and each of the following postcards came from those paints.  For the  first one I applied color with a palette knife working layers of color over and over until they blended and mixed.  I finished it by coloring on it with oil based water soluble crayons.  They gave some depth to the color that I really liked.  Descriptions follow each of the last three.

For this on, above, I took paint and swirled it and dabbed it on my palette and then pressed my card onto it.  I did that a few more times until I had covered the surface fully.  I loved the random shapes and interplay of color.

This one (above) was cut from the palette that I used to make the one above it.  It looked interesting, so I cut it out and glued it down.  In the process of smoothing it onto the card, some of the areas smudged and softened a bit which gave a nice effect.

This last one was accomplished by dragging my card through and across the remaining paint daubs on my palette.  Everything blended and there is great movement.  It reminds me of wild surf at the ocean.

6 thoughts on “Color Palette Experiments

  1. Lovely colors. My favorite was the last one. I thought of a waterfall or water tumbling over rocks into the deep pool in the upper left.

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