Ssssssh – Not Another Word

Okay, an unusual name.  But really, look at this piece.  I see two profiles facing each other with a hand between them.  It looks to me like the person on the left is saying sssshhhh, and motioning to the person on the right to say quiet.  I put this together with paper towel and paint.  I ripped up the paper towel and glued down the shapes.  Once they were dry I applied paint very lightly to the surface just hitting the higher textured areas lightly.  What I find fascinating, though, is the tableau that emerged.  Yes, typically all my cards are vertical, but I had to make an exception.  However, it will have to be vertical for the gallery.  Oh well.


6 thoughts on “Ssssssh – Not Another Word

    • Thanks! I worked on this vertically but when I started rotating it the profiles just jumped out at me.

  1. Huh???

    I just don’t get it. I guess I have no imagination. I see two ribbons snaking down a page. Where are the profiles? Where is the hand? What is the pale blue fragment on the left with the dark beak in it? Since I tend to fail Rorschach tests, I am hopless with abstract art.

    • It’s funny. So many times there are pictures made where one set of people see the shapes and the other see the spaces in between as the shapes. Clearly we are looking at the opposites. Nothing wrong with that! Where you see the snakes coming down I see the space between those snakes as the hand. To the left and right of each snake I see the line of the art as the profile. There’s no wrong or right in this! I’m just glad I was able to engage you and get you to think about it!

  2. When I hold the picture vertically with the light blue fragment at the top, I see it “Raining Gold Drops” like the one at the tip of the black and blue undulating piece.

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