Ancient Treasure

This makes me think of ancient treasure because of the colors.  I’m thinking of a treasure chest unearthed (hence the brown) laden with rubies and gold.  What an imagination, right?!  I started with a piece of wax paper that had dried matte medium on it.  I added some red and gold acrylic and folded in half like an ink blot.  I let that dry and did some drawing with purple sharpie.  It needed a bit more gold so I added some more and folded again.  I added green ink and folded.  Eeew.  Not great.  I tried to dab some off and on the process dabbed red and gold all around.  Hmmmmm, not bad.  Let’s play some more.  After crumpling it and opening it back up I added walnut ink and let it settle in all the nooks and crannies.  When it had fully dried I added a think coating of gold over the entire surface.  All of the layers gave it wonderful depth and richness.  FUN!


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