Tiny Dancer

Again I am struck with visions of dancers.  Must be the influence of spring.  The base layer of this piece was a teal glaze applied over the card.  I followed that by gluing down and then ripping off a salmon colored scrap piece of paper.  I added a few more details with using the same technique and same scrap.  I then found some scraps of wax paper with some loved paint on them from another piece I’m working away on.  They matched nicely and added some great detail.  I still felt the center shape (my dancer) needed some more detail but I didn’t want to cover up the color or add some hard shapes over it.  Instead I applied some matte medium, pressed wax paper over it for texture and let it dry.  Once dry I colored lightly over it with a blue-green crayon to give it just a little more interest.  Voila!


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