Torn Night Sky in Green

I’ve been having so much fun with my plastic bag that I used it yet again for this piece.  I lay down some green acrylic and then proceeded to dab/paint it over the surface with the plastic bag.  Once I had laid a green base I added some dabs of gold and used the same technique again restricting the area of gold.  The end result reminded me of stars in a night sky, though I’ll admit the night sky is not likely to be green.  It needed something more so I grabbed some wax paper that I had used as a drop sheet for some other work.  It had colors that worked well with this piece so I tore some nice thin pieces and added them for accent.  The effect made me think of wounds or tears in the night sky.  Hmmmmm.  I just previewed this and it occurred to me that it looks like sunlight filtering through water.  But I can’t explain the colored pieces.  Any suggestions?!  Ha! Ha!  Maybe fishing lures?


One thought on “Torn Night Sky in Green

  1. Hi Kathleen, your work is beautiful! Love your descriptions as well… it’s helpful to see the materials you use. Just another reminder to me that I can look around and use different things… like plastic. Thanks.

    I like this piece especially and yes, it does look like light on the water.

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