More Fun With Gesso and Watercolor

Gesso can be so much fun as a material!  For this card I brushed in on from all sides towards the center.  Before it was able to dry I took my trusty plastic bag and just pressed it down lightly to leave some marks.  I let it dry and then started playing on it with watercolors, letting them run over the surface and letting them run together.  While all of my postcards have been a consistent vertical format, so they all work well in the postcard gallery, this one just had to be the exception.  I tried looking at it all different ways and it just had to go horizontal.  Although, as I’m writing this I realize I will probably turn it vertical for the gallery.  Artists prerogative!

3 thoughts on “More Fun With Gesso and Watercolor

  1. hahaha – “artist’s prerogative” – i’m going to use that privilege sometime today i’m sure.

    yeah, i like playing with texture – a lot. i forget how much i like it sometimes until there i am the next time, playing with it again. brush stroking, tools, bags, aluminum foil, cheesecloth, sand, and anything else i can think of… and watercolor over gesso is great. i like all that texture you get showing through on this. thanks for the remindering. texture on!

    • Funny! You like all the same materials I do. Thanks for the commments. I’m so glad you reminded me about the blogroll. When I switched themes a while back mine disappeared. I need to put it back. Mind if I add you as well? Take care…

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