Tropical Color Explosion

Think of looking into a mass of tropical flowers in a jungle.  That’s what this card says to me.  I started with a plain white background and began drawing in magenta.  I switched to orange and continued to expand and enhance my drawing.  I added a bit of green at the center but held back from adding too much.  Then I took green acrylic and mixed it with some gloss medium.  I pressed some between a folded piece of wax paper and then pressed it onto the card.  I loved the sheer green over the drawing.  I let that dry and then added a few playful shapes that I cut using one of my daughters punches.  I colored lightly over the texture on the green acrylic with white crayon.  Then I removed the white background entirely by adding some orange and magenta watercolor.  Oh, and there was a bit of stamping n there too at some point while I was drawing.  You can see traces of it around the edges.  The bright colors seem so appropriate for the spring season when everything is bursting into bloom with color.

7 thoughts on “Tropical Color Explosion

  1. This is SO spring-y! Makes me want to go outside and enjoy the weather. I particularly like the magenta shapes. What medium were you drawing in?

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