Endless Layers of Endeavor

This collage started with a sheet of yellow paper.  Yes, I know, it is no longer visible.  I applied some white, sheer, cutout paper over the top, but it was too pale.  I went to watercolor and added some blue.  Still not working.  I took some bronze and then some white acrylic and applied them with a plastic bag.  Better but not there yet.  I then took some watery black acrylic and applied that and ended up with a sort of grey mush.  Time to carry on.  I took some bright blue acrylic, applied it and left it to dry.   I then added red acrylic in some areas.  It was improving but still lacked a certain something.  I applied a sheet of tracing paper over the top to unite the layers and add texture.  It was better and I added a light red glaze to pick up the textural lines.  I also added a bit of black ink, also to pick up the texture.  It seemed to be missing a focal point so I added some matte medium peelings from my desk.  That was what it took to complete it with a bit of gloss medium.  Hence the “endless layers”.

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