Corrugated Collision

This card looks rather corrugated to me.  Or maybe like aged, rusting metal.  I took my postcard and glued down strips of crumpled wax paper.  I painted over them lightly with black acrylic to pick up the ridges.  Once dry I painted between the strips with glass bead medium.  Then I went over the black with a turquiosy green using a palette knife.  I added some blue and black to that color and painted and palette knifed it over the entire surface to tone it down.  It has a rough, aged look to it and yet the glass beads give a bit of shine and added texture.

Torn Night Sky in Green

I’ve been having so much fun with my plastic bag that I used it yet again for this piece.  I lay down some green acrylic and then proceeded to dab/paint it over the surface with the plastic bag.  Once I had laid a green base I added some dabs of gold and used the same technique again restricting the area of gold.  The end result reminded me of stars in a night sky, though I’ll admit the night sky is not likely to be green.  It needed something more so I grabbed some wax paper that I had used as a drop sheet for some other work.  It had colors that worked well with this piece so I tore some nice thin pieces and added them for accent.  The effect made me think of wounds or tears in the night sky.  Hmmmmm.  I just previewed this and it occurred to me that it looks like sunlight filtering through water.  But I can’t explain the colored pieces.  Any suggestions?!  Ha! Ha!  Maybe fishing lures?


More Fun With Gesso and Watercolor

Gesso can be so much fun as a material!  For this card I brushed in on from all sides towards the center.  Before it was able to dry I took my trusty plastic bag and just pressed it down lightly to leave some marks.  I let it dry and then started playing on it with watercolors, letting them run over the surface and letting them run together.  While all of my postcards have been a consistent vertical format, so they all work well in the postcard gallery, this one just had to be the exception.  I tried looking at it all different ways and it just had to go horizontal.  Although, as I’m writing this I realize I will probably turn it vertical for the gallery.  Artists prerogative!

New/Old Project

A while back (actually quite a while back) I started a project with boxes.  I bought some at the container store, taped them up and decided to cover them with old sewing patterns I had received from my sister.  I mean, I DON’T sew so this seemed like a good way to use them!  Once the boxes were covered I decided that I would follow a fashion theme when collaging on them.  My daughter recently found them and asked that I finish them so she can hang them in her newly redecorated room.  So, they are back in progress along with so many other things.


Starry Gesso

When I finished this card I felt it reminded me of something.  It finally came to me.  It reminds me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  Something about the swirls.  I took one of  my postcards and painted on it with gesso from the sides towards the middle.  Then I grabbed my handy (in the waste basket!) plastic bag and began to press and turn it while the gesso was still damp.  There was some old paint on the bag which must have been watercolor as some of the red/pink started to faintly deposit onto the gesso.  This was meant to be a base but I fell in love with it and decided to leave it as is.  As usual, the detail is easier to see if you click on the image to enlarge it.


Not so Mellow Yellow

I just LOVE how glass bead medium looks when you catch it with flash photography.  For this card I started by smearing and pressing yellow acrylic onto the card and, as usual, getting some wonderful texture.  Once dry I colored on it with wax crayons in black, white, and blue-green.  I added some watery gesso to it and then wiped it with a paper towel.  It didn’t have much impact.  Then I added the glass bead medium and waited for it to dry.  Lastly I added some blue and orange watercolor.  It’s bright, beautiful and full of texture.  Click on it to get the full effect! 🙂

Bright Mosaic Musings

Ah, beautiful spring.  It is a lovely day in New England.  For todays card I took scraps of magazine pages and magazine inserts and glued them to my card.  Before the could fully adhere I pulled them off leaving parts of color and shape from the scraps.  I took watercolor in orange (with a bit of blue and purple) and painted over the white areas to make the whole card more cohesive.  I love the colors.


Watercolor Weave

For some reason this postcard made me think of indian weavings.  It was partly the pattern and partly the color.  I layered many sheets of tracing paper over the postcard to build up a textured base.  Then I painted with orange and blue watercolor in a kind of up and down pattern that is similar to ones I’ve seen weavings.  Emjoy and enjoy your weekend!


Vernal Pool

This card is a combination of two parts.  First it is a postcard of one of my works, Waxwork 4.  Over the postcard is a transparency of a small piece of work I did with watercolor and marker.  I scanned it and printed it to a transparency.  I think the two combined look great and for some reason when I went to post this entry the thought “vernal pool” came to mind.  It seems deep, dark  and watery to me – like a pool deep in the woods.  See for yourself.