Forms from Black

The shapes on this postcard are from an interesting source.  I began to peel the matte medium from the plastic cloth that covers my work table.  The cloth gave the peelings a wonderful texture.  They also had all shades of paint from the hours spent working at the same space.  I was intrigued with them and peeled quite a few off.  I placed two on this black background.  Though you can’t see the designs on them that clearly, I loved the shapes against the dark background.  You can see the detail better if you click on it to enlarge it.

One thought on “Forms from Black

  1. Those ‘leftovers’ from art sessions are among my most treasured materials, too. I love peeling stuff up from my table or cutting board. Most fun? The dried little blobs from the tops of acrylic paint tubes. I love those. No one recognizes them for what they are and they are often the perfect little touch to finish a piece.

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