Distressed in Blue and Black

I played with thin coats of acrylic today but that can be fraught with danger.  I had some leftover black acrylic on my palette so I decided to brush it thinly in a feathery, diagonal line across my postcard.  That went well and I liked how it looked.  I then mixed some light blue paint and feathered it into the black.  I liked it even better and maybe should have stopped there.  Then I added red and created a sort of pale purple shade which I thinned and planned to sort of splatter over the surface.  Well, I ended up with some blobs that didn’t work.  I started to wipe the surface and it was working fairly well until I added more water to my paper towel whereupon I ended up washing away a fair amount of my blue paint.  At that point I left it to dry.  I came back and added some more feathery black paint and happy with the end result decided to quit while I was ahead.  I like the way the wiping process sort of distressed the overall surface.

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