Orange and Gesso Lace

Orange has been the color of this weekend.  Perhaps it is the beautiful weather that has stimulated me to use this bright color.  For this card I mixed some orange paint, pressed a piece of wax paper into it, and daubed/pressed it onto the postcard.  Some areas I applied it thickly and others I applied it thinly so you could see portions of the postcard coming through.  I then switched to gesso.  I started by painting on some gesso that I was going to wipe of to leave a thin layer.  Oops!  Too much so I grabbed a paper towel and wiped most of it away.  But I then took the paper towel and began daubing the gesso over the orange.  In some areas is mixed beautifully and softened the orange and the paper towel left a nice texture.  I eventually worked my way up to the upper right and felt satisfied with the design.  It feels a bit lacy to me or at least delicate and I like that airy feeling.  The lightness of spring.

5 thoughts on “Orange and Gesso Lace

  1. Stopped raining? It seems that we are having the same climate:-) after weeks of raining the sun shines here too. This card is very peaceful, the colours are so harmonious.

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