Mmmmm, Materials – Wax paper, acrylic, gesso!

Materials are my best friends.  I had fun with them today.  First I glued down a base of wax paper over which there were layers of matte medium from it being m work sheet.  I then took a palette knife and spread orange acrylic thinly over the surface which showed the nice texture of the wax paper.  Then I added gesso to the mix.  I had planned on adding just a few lines, but I got carried away and applied it over the entire surface.  Still not satisfied I applied some red acrylic with a piece of wax paper, pressing it on thinly.  I followed that with a glaze of the remaining red with some gloss gel medium.  It still didn’t speak to me!  So I took one last piece of plain, old, wax paper and applied that as a final top layer.  Success!  Somehow it pulled everything together and made it a whole.  Yay, now I can go out and enjoy this amazing day!

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