I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

I started this postcard by glueing down a piece of music from the song, I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.  I then applied the photo and applied some gesso over the entire card.  I wiped some of  it off while wet to make sure the music and photo were visible.  I then toned down the white of the music sheet with some black watercolor.  Finally I added some sheer rice paper to soften it a bit.  Somehow the color scheme fits this grey day of rain.  “…and I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain.”


4 thoughts on “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

    • Thanks! Trying to create a card each day takes me in many directions. What has been wonderful is that they are inspirations for my larger pieces. I visited your site and saw your acylic paintings and today your collage. They are BEAUTIFUL! All your hard work has paid off – congratulations on the acceptance into the Paperchase show!!

    • Thanks. Just saw your rabbits. I can see why you keep staring. There is a meditative quality to the piece – even if it is just rabbits. It’s wonderful and I’m glad you shared it. How wonderful that you realized it is YOU coming out of the rabbit hole. Facinating!

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