Spring From Winters Snow

Today’s card started out simply.  I took some magazine pages, tore them, and glued them down.  I then glued a dryer sheet over the entire surface.  It needed more so I tried adding some ink, but it didn’t show very much or have an interesting effect.  I decided to add paint.  I took some white acrylic, added a little green ink, and pressed it between some wax paper.  I took the thin coating and pressed onto the surface of the postcard.  Once it had dried I colored over the textured paint with some black and red crayon.  Once I had taken the picture it looked to me as though it were the colors of spring coming up through the white snow of winter.  Even the bit of black on the white seemed appropriate as the last leavings of snow are always rather tired and dirty.  I hope you all had a great weekend and stayed dry.  It has been rather a monsoon here in New England all weekend.


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