Shadowing Images

To start today’s postcard I took a page of text from a magazine.  I crumpled it roughly, spread it flat and sanded it lightly.  I wanted to see how a wash of paint would appear on the altered surface.  I glued the paper to the postcard and applied some black, brown and blue watercolor paint in a thin wash.  It worked into the lined areas nicely, though once it dried I wished I’d made it a bit darker.  But I was content to stay with it as is.  While trying to decide what to do next I saw the image of a woman in a crucifix position and knew I wanted to use it.  But as I cut it out I realized I didn’t want to use someone else’s image so I flipped it over and painted it black to just get the form.  I placed it on the postcard and then saw the negative space left by painting the form.  I liked that even more so I tore it out and applied it to the postcard and I loved the result.

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