Seeing the World Through Ourselves

Hmmmm.  I have to write about this one before I name this post.  I was inspired today.  I started by taking tape and placing it lightly on a piece of newspaper I have to pick up some of the newsprint.  I liked the way the way different amounts were picked up by the tape and how the tape looked over the postcard.  Once I had completely covered the postcard the question was, “what next?”  I liked the idea of overlaying the newsprint with something transparent and remembered that I had a piece of transparency onto which I had printed some of my art.  When I went to retrieve that (I actually knew where it was!) I found another piece of transparency that I liked even better.  It had faces, a figure and some incomplete sentences.  I was immediately drawn to it and decided to place it on the postcard.  Somehow the word Hopeless, at the bottom, seemed to convey the right emotion with the figures as well as newsprint.  We all know that there is always plenty of hopelessness reported in our newspapers.  The resulting image is quite a departure from my recent cards and I like the effect.  Okay, I have the post title – Seeing the World Through Ourselves.  I feel like it is about how we all filter the news through our personal experiences. 

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