Monochromatic Madness

Okay, madness is a bit strong.  I took today’s postcard and covered it with a piece of white rice paper.  As I considered what to do I decided to stay all white.  Okay, that could be monotonous, but I decided to go with it.  I took some diaphanous white rice paper with threads and placed that over the other rice paper.  I got a nice texture and they were just slightly different shades of white.  I was going to place another white paper over that but I didn’t like the fact that it would introduce hard edges.  Instead I got out my Titanium white acrylic and lightly applied that to some areas.  I then added just a smidge of brown watercolor that was on my palette and washed in some pale beige.  I tempered it with a bit more white to make sure to keep my monochromatic theme.  Finally, I took a small brush and used the Titanium white on just some of the threads to highlight them a bit.  There you have it – a study in white and texture.  Perhaps that should have been the name of the post.

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