Do You Doodle? I do!

Yesterday I went out and bought some beautiful yellow and purple flowers.  I love that combination.  I also bought some extra Baby’s Breath because my cat Mikko loves to eat it!  As I was arranging the flowers he was on the kitchen island, as close as possible, and leaning forward anxious to begin his nibbling.  With the flowers came some sheer yellow paper that I immediately saved for collage.  Given the abundant sunshine today seemed like a good day to use it.  I felt my postcard should have a design first so I “doodled” a design onto it in the same way I have been doodling for years.  I colored that in black and then covered it with the yellow paper.  I wished I had some tiny black beads to add, but I don’t.  Instead I wrapped the card in darning thread and then filled some of the areas with glass bead medium.  Those areas didn’t stand out enough – I really needed black beads!  So, second best was to paint the beaded areas with a wash of black watercolor.  I’m quite pleased with the result and I like the way the flash from the photo lit up the beaded areas.

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