Whirling Watercolor

Good afternoon.  Its been a busy day, but not too busy for my daily postcard.  For today’s card I started by sanding the finish off of the postcard.  All of these postcards are recycled exhibit cards.  I then applied water to it, grabbed a tube of brown watercolor and “drew” the brown swirl.  I repeated the last step with blue watercolor.  I added some small details, with the brown and blue, to enhance it a bit, but the center seemed a little too white.  So the bit of glimmer you see is a piece of mica that I glued down, and there’s a small one on the end of the blue whirl as well.  I wish I had been able to use a thinner piece for the middle, but I was afraid it would just break into small pieces and I liked the size of it as it was.  Mmmm, the weather is beautiful.  I hope everyone has been able to get out a bit and enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Whirling Watercolor

    • Thanks! I checked out your beadwork – beautiful. I like your “current project”. It looks light and delicate. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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