Archaeological Flashback – Or Flashforward?

When I sat down at my desk today I sat looking at a piece of wax paper.  It’s a piece of paper that I have been doing my postcards and other work on to protect my table.  As such it is thick with paint, matte medium, and whatever else I have had my hands into.  In fact, I think I have been using this piece since January and maybe longer.  On one side it was rather bold and not much to look at.  But when I turned it over and perused it from the back I liked what I saw.  It was softer on this side with an interesting wash of green that I can’t place.  So, I cut it to fit my postcard and I glued it down.  No other embellishments.  I thought about adding some but they didn’t seem necessary.  I look at it this way, I have actually been working on this postcard for months!  So it’s an archaeological dig through my art making of the last couple of months.  A flashback to where I have been and a flash forward to where I will be going when I employ some of the ideas I have generated with these postcards.

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