Almost as fun as Finger Painting

It’s true.  Today’s postcard, 03/03/10, was sort of like finger painting, though I didn’t actually stick my fingers in the paint.  I took my postcard and “drew” on it with my tube of cobalt blue paint.  I took a piece of wax paper and pressed, and pressed, and pressed again until I liked the amount of coverage.  Then I took some magenta paint and pressed it onto the postcard with the wax paper.  Then the same maneuver with white paint.  Once I had the layers that I wanted and the right “design” I took my palette knife and drew some lines through it that made the piece seem somewhat botanical.  Just right for spring, right?  Last I had a piece of wax paper that had dried matte medium on it in a nice pattern.  I placed that over the entire card as the final layer.  It muted the overall postcard in a way I liked.  What do you think?

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