Fun with Gesso and Watercolor

Postcard 03/02/10 was fun to put together.  I started by applying a thin coat of gesso to the postcard.  While it was still wet I took and ordinary plastic bag from the grocery store, crumpled it up, and smashed it down on the surface of the gesso.  It left this wonderful lacy pattern.  I felt it still needed more though.  I wanted to keep the lacy effect so I needed to keep whatever I did light.  I took some yellow watercolor and did some swathes of color on the card.  Then I took a very watery brush of black watercolor and painted along the edges.  The paint began to run and I tilted the card this way and that to get some more somewhat lacy effects.  I love the way the edge of the watercolor sections have a bit of a dark outline.  This feels sort of map-like to me.  Oh, and if you click on the image you get a much better view of this one.

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