Postcard 02/27/10

Happy Sunday.  Okay, I am late today.  It was a long day with a trip to Rhode Island to see friends.  But I haven’t forgotten to create and post my postcard.  This one is rather pretty.  I used some gold, thin tissue paper for the base layer.  I then applied the darning thread to create some shapes.  Finally I applied some glass bead medium and added some small, blue beads to it.  I like the overall effect and think I will use the gold tissue paper in other work.  It ends up looking somewhat like gold leaf!


2 thoughts on “Postcard 02/27/10

  1. I liked the way the two blue pieces are tentatively touching one anoather shyly and also the way one’e eyse are channeled upward creaing a very positive hopeful expression.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying them. You get a snapshot of my creative process each day! It’s nice to get comments too. I love to hear what people think.

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