Rich Wax Tapestry

I returned to wax paper for my inspiration today.  I crumpled a piece and glued it lightly over the postcard so as not to flatten the nice texture.  I took india ink on a paper towel and rubbed it over the surface creating nice lines.  I tried adding a bit of blue ink but wasn’t thrilled with it so I went over that with some rice paper to soften it.  To add some color I used some red and yellow crayon over the surface but it still needed “something”.  That something was the peelings of matte medium from my table.  Some sheer color and texture were just what it needed.  I feel that the end result is very rich looking.  There is a bit of shine in the picture because the matte medium is still damp.  But I like it and think I will add some gloss medium to those areas to keep that effect.

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Through the Window

I had a tape transfer of my daughter standing in front of a window on my desk.  I also had a picture of a window that I had taken and altered with Photoshop.  Today I decided to combine the two.  It’s interesting because the tape is shiny and gives the impression of a real window.  I also hadn’t thought about the fact that she was already in front of another window so she ends up being sandwiched between the two. 

Freeing the Puzzle

I am a compulsive doodler and I drew some free form colorful shapes today.  I used a stamp I created to print a design over the forms.  Again I enjoyed the contrast between the shapes and the rigid lines of the edge of the stamp.  Yet, the stamp itself contained free-flowing lines.  There is also contrast between the color and the black and white design.  I hope if you are in NE you are staying dry today.  As for me, I’m about to head out into the rain.

Red, White and Blue Shadow

When creating yesterday’s card I took off some of the excess paint by grabing a piece of paper on my desk and pressing it over the postcard.  It was an old sheet of paper on which I had glued and then peeled off a magazine page just leaving some bands of rough color.  I loved the shadow print the acrylic paint left on the paper and resolved to use it today.  I found another sheet where I had done the same glue and peel technique and used that as the base.  Then I glued the shadow print over the top.  Again, I just love the free form shadow print and it’s a nice contrast to the lines in the underlying paper.

Acrylic Rhapsody in Blue

Layers and layers of blue acrylic.  I started with a white background over which I put three lines of blue acrylic.  I smashed them with wax paper and lay a nice textured base.  I then added some crimson red and applied that to a few areas and also smashed it to make it textured.  Once it had dried I colored over the entire surface with orange crayon but was not satisfied.  I had a piece of wax paper that I had pressed into the paint and I liked the design on it.  So I ripped that out and glued it down.  It had a nice shape and it improved the card.  The background showing around the edges still wasn’t working for me so I added a bit of blue to some matte medium and did a wash around the edges.  That was the key to unifying the piece.  Have a nice weekend!

Watercolor Sherbet

Happy Friday!  I covered today’s postcard with a piece of tracing paper which gave me nice texture.  I followed that with some rice paper which gave me more texture.  I waited for it to dry completely and began to play with lots of bright watercolor shades.  Mmmmm.  Watercolor sherbet.  Can you see the lemon, lime, raspberry, cranberry, and orange?  I’m not sure what flavor the blue is.  It must be one of those add-ins that they offer you! 

Newsprint Reincarnated in Collage

Today I started with Dear Margo from the paper.  I glued the column down and began working on it with grey marker.  I went from marker to colored pencil to crayon as I added layers of line and color.  When I was happy with the base I added a few layers of rice paper to soften the appearance and give it more cohesiveness.  It still cried for more attention so I acquiesced by adding some yellow, red, and black watercolor.  Ta Da!

Forms from Black

The shapes on this postcard are from an interesting source.  I began to peel the matte medium from the plastic cloth that covers my work table.  The cloth gave the peelings a wonderful texture.  They also had all shades of paint from the hours spent working at the same space.  I was intrigued with them and peeled quite a few off.  I placed two on this black background.  Though you can’t see the designs on them that clearly, I loved the shapes against the dark background.  You can see the detail better if you click on it to enlarge it.

What’s Blue and Purple and Black All Around?

I have been playing with colors more and this card is no exception.  I took some light blue and sort of applied it to the card in three swirly columns.  Applied thinly it dried quickly and I took a palette knife and applied light purple irregularly over the blue surface.  Once it dried I stamped it with one of my homemade stamps in black.  I like the way there is black on both the bottom and top layers enveloping the color.