Postcard 02/18/10

Something a little different today.  Back to my love of torn paper.  I was cleaning off my desk and found a map among the debris.  I glued a section of it to my postcard.  Then I literally reached into my basket and pulled out a torn page from a magazine.  I was taken by the eyes and immediately ripped them out and placed them on the postcard.  I then took the rest of the page and tore it into small pieces and applied them.  Finally I applied a wash of brown color to unite the piece a bit more. 

2 thoughts on “Postcard 02/18/10

  1. Looks like a remarkable archeological find. My first impression was that it must be something ancient(an old mosaic perhaps). Those eyes are beautiful, they are not the same colour which makes that look even more magnetic. It’s a beautiful piece of art.

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