Postcard 02/15/10

Good morning.  Lovely light snow falling.  I wish it had been light when I was out driving at 8 am!  Today’s postcard is a leftover from the day before, in a way.  I took the blue paint and painted the postcard.  Then I overlay the paint with rice paper and more paint.  I wanted to blend the paint so I grabbed a 2 inch brush that I had sitting in water.  It had previously been used with gesso and gloss medium.  When I applied it to the rice paper it mooshed it all together (yes,moosh is a technical term:O))  The blue blended beautifully and the leftover gesso lightened some of it.  To finish I applied some black paint to a few areas.  I would have painted the central openings black but I loved the feathery blue paper and didn’t want to lose that.  I also thought of doing more to this one, but I decided I loved the simplicity of it.

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