Postcards 02/06/10 & 02/07/10

Okay, I didn’t post yesterday.  My system was experiencing technical difficulties.  However, I did do a postcard.  So you get two today.  The bottom card is yesterdays.  I started out with an idea that didn’t turn out well.  I painted the card and glued on some wax paper circles that had been used to create other poastcards.  Then I tinted some cold wax with black paint.  The idea was to put the wax around the circles. It didn’t look as I had envisioned so I covered the card with the black wax and etched designs into it.  Todays’ card is not beautiful but I like it.  I literally scribbled on the card and then covered it with a piece of wax paper that I have been working over.  The result is sort of like grafitti.  It reminds me of a city wall where people have placed graffitti and where posters or such things have been put up and ripped off.  Anyway.  I like the effect.

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