Postcard 02/26/10

As I sat at my desk today I spotted a picture of a collage of mine I had taken.  I liked the background so I cut a section to fit the postcard.  Included in the section was the face of a young boy.  I took a piece of tracing paper on which I had made a rubbing of some of my daughters old velvet art.  I placed that over the first layer so that it looks as though you are looking through a screen.  While the effect would be better if the card were horizontal, I’m sticking with my vertical format. 

Postcard 02/25/10

This postcard went in a different direction than I had planned.  I placed white paper over the postcard and spotted some tulle on my desk.  I glued that down and then added layers of sheer rice paper over it.  I then added the webbed wax paper and the few red accents.  It still wasn’t complete so after giving it some time to dry I did some printing on the light areas and added some black paint.  The black scrap with the letters was the last piece I added just before taking the picture.  It has wonderful texture, though I’m not sure that comes through on the photo.


Postcard 02/24/10

On this card I started with a piece from an old watercolor I did.  I took some tracing paper and drew circles and lines on it and glued it over the watercolor.  I then painted portions of the tracing paper.  I took a picture at that point.  I then applied a coat of gloss medium to make it shiny.  I like the effect of the stong graphic design over the softer watercolor.  I think it would have been stronger, perhaps, if I’d chosen different colors for the top painting.  I’ve included both the glossy and non-glossy photo’s so you can see both effects.


Postcard 02/23/10

I experimented today with a concept I am thinking of using for a larger piece.  I took a black and white photo of a face, glued it down and sanded it.  I applied white gesso over the top and rubbed some of it off so the image was still visible but shadowy.  I wrapped the postcard with darning thread across the image.  I finished by lightly painting in some of the spaces with black paint.  Though not developed fully, I like the concept and am looking forward to working this technique on a larger scale.

Emotion/Imagine in Sunday Globe West People Section

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to “Meet the Artists”.  It was a pleasure to share my thoughts and insights on my work with you.  Here is the link to the column in Globe West.

Postcard 02/20/10

Hmmmmmm.  This one is interesting.  I took brown paper towels (which I secretly love as a material) and covered my postcard.  Then I wrapped thread around it and found a picture of a leaf in the right colors to add to the mix.  Lastly I added the puzzle piece (which didn’t photograph well) and the two yellowish pieces.  Okay, so I’m trying to remember what the yellowish pieces are.  I got them in a materials swap.  I “think” they are dried pieces of potato skins.  I can’t remember!  That’s my best guess.  What do you think!


Postcard 02/19/10

This one was kind of fun.  I used the G section of the Globe and tape to put this together.  I simply found sections of pictures that I thought were interesting and placed the tape down.  When I pulled it back up I took with it part of the picture/text and color.  I lay them down on the postcard to create an interesting collage of color and line.  It’s a gorgeous day in the Boston Metropolitan area.  Enjoy it before the snow flies again!